MESSAGE #2240 from the Blessed Mother November 14, 2001
 My daughter, How many notebooks will it take until our children truly, truly respond? A response is needed now, so please let the world know that I am truly here for all my children. I am truly here to make the Gospel known. I am here for all my children so more repent and turn to God. I am here to teach you, so that you go forth and live a life that is truly pleasing to God.

Today, I ask that you let go of your fear, for I am truly here to lead you closer to my Son, Jesus. My daughter, these messages must be made known, so please use every opportunity to share all that is embedded in your heart. Please continue to write, for this is how these messages become embedded in your heart. Please be willing to use your hands and voice for Christ.

This time cannot be wasted, so please tell my children to pray, pray, pray from their heart. Tell them each prayer from their heart, will help those who are sleeping. Each prayer will help many in the end. Each prayer will lesson what is coming your way. Yes, each prayer that you say now, during this time of God’s great mercy, will truly light the way for those in darkness. So many souls are in danger, so please do not wait for me to remind you; instead pray, pray throughout the day. Pray and ask God to have mercy on those who are ignoring the truth.

Pray for Cardinals, Bishops and Priests. Pray for all religious, for many, so many are refusing to make the whole truth known. Many are unwilling to be persecuted for living their faith. Many are taking the easier road, instead of living their vocation. Many are truly offending God, because they are not shepherding their flock. Many are giving in to the world because of pride and laziness.

My dear daughter, today I weep due to the sins of this world. I weep for those who are trying to make changes in the Church. I weep for those who are refusing to pray the Rosary, and meditate on each mystery. I weep because, due to lack of prayer much more evil will enter, enter this world.

So many do not realize how powerful the St. Michael prayer is for these times. Many refuse to believe that Satan and many of his followers are prowling this earth. Many are refusing to use the protection that God has so graciously given them. Many know the truth, but are unwilling to make the Gospel known. Many today are ignoring these messages, because they refuse to come to know me in a personal way. Yes, many have chosen the easier way, and because of this, so many are falling further away from God. Many say they believe in God, but very few pick up their cross. Many believe in God, but very few believe in His love for them. Very few rely on God’s Mercy.

My Immaculate Heart is full of pain, and how I weep for those who are not living their vocation. I weep due to lack of prayer in so many homes, around this world. I weep for those souls who are not obeying God. Weep with me today, and pray for Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests. Weep with me, for so many are not taking these messages seriously. Pray today with me, so more awake before God’s justice prevails. My daughter, pray and atone and do not be fearful of the sufferings you endure. Offer all your suffering to our Lord and be grateful that you have been chosen to save souls. Be grateful for this time, so you continue to do what God and I are asking of you.

Tell all my children to pray with me or there will be no mercy. Without more prayer, there will be earthquakes, floods, and sickness of all kinds. There will be a terrible war, famine, and much more division in the Church without prayer. My message today is to pray, do penance, and make sacrifices now, for the salvation of souls.

Please, please respond. Respond now. Amen.