MESSAGE #2267 from the Blessed Mother January 21, 2002
 My daughter, Many will suffer if they do not repent and turn to Jesus. Many, many will suffer if they continue to choose darkness. Darker days are coming for those who are living in sin. God’s Justice will prevail and many will suffer, if they do not take heed to God’s commandments.

I weep today, because so many are still sleeping. So many are refusing to take heed to the many warnings God has given His children. My daughter, today you feel my pain, so please pray and do penance for souls. Please pray and suffer for the salvation of souls. Please share my words with those who will listen. Please do what God and I are asking of you, for time is short.

Days of darkness will cover the earth because sin has become widespread. The earth will tremble more because so many are living in sin. I am warning mankind because I do not want to see my children suffer. I am here today because of God’s love for all His children. These messages can no longer be ignored. All must take heed and live a life that is pleasing to Almighty God. All must amend their ways and truly obey and honor God.

Priests must take hold of their flock or many more souls will see Hell. Many more children will be led astray and many more cult groups will form. Yes, Priests will see much more bloodshed if they don’t make the truth known. So many are in a web and need to be rescued.

Please join hands now and pray and do your part. Be willing to be persecuted for living your faith. Be more willing to reach out to all your brothers and sisters. Let the world know that evil exists and that it is impossible to walk alone. Tell the world that I am here now to assist those who turn away from sin. Let the world know that God is a forgiving God and His mercy pours out to each and every soul. Please do all that you can to take part in saving souls. Please listen to me, for Satan is furious and is grasping many, many souls.

I am a loving mother, who truly weeps for her children. I weep because so many are adding wounds to Jesus’ Most Precious Body. So many are on the wrong path because many today are unwilling to share their faith. The hour is drawing near and I want sinners to be converted before it’s too late. I want more to take heed to these messages so they come to know our Merciful Lord. I want each of you to pray more or a greater punishment will befall mankind.

Please keep moving forward now, for again I say to you, time is short for saving souls. Time is short because God has been warning His children for some time now. Please, dear children, appease God’s anger with more prayer. Set more time aside to be with our Lord. Come to Mass more often and pray, pray, pray for the salvation of souls. Unite together now and take part so more souls are saved. Amen.