MESSAGE #2416 from the Blessed Mother December 6, 2002
 My daughter, Jesus is the Savior of the world, so please tell my children to take refuge in His Most Sacred Heart. Jesus’ Heart is open, waiting for each child to come to Him.

Please, dear children, there is no longer time to disobey God. Repent of your ways and give, give your hearts back to Him. Return to the Lord and leave sin, selfishness and pride behind. Turn around now and amend your ways and walk, walk with Jesus. Don’t wait for God’s Justice to prevail, prepare your soul now. Make atonement for your sins, for again I say to you, God’s Justice will prevail. Each of you will need to be ready, for there will be consequences for the sins of mankind. Many, many will suffer if they continue to live an unholy life. Many, many will suffer without a repentive heart.

Dear children, I continue to weep for those who are choosing darkness. I weep for those souls who are not living morally right. I weep when I see so many youth running in the wrong direction. I weep for those parents who are allowing their children to rule their home. I truly weep because I see behind closed doors. I see how so many of my children are behaving.

Satan is tempting so many of my children and many, many today are falling for his tricks. Many are giving in to evil because they are refusing to live God’s laws. It is truly a struggle between light and darkness because of man’s refusal to come to know God. Satan wants to destroy, destroy lives. Satan wants complete dominion over the earth. Satan is truly in search of souls, so I must warn my children today. Wherever there is lack of prayer, he lingers. Where there is hatred and disunity, he sheds his venom. Wherever there is sin, Satan is triumphant.

Evil continues to spread, so please pray more for all your brothers and sisters. Please entrust yourselves to the Heart of Jesus and turn to Him each new day. Please get on your knees and spend time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Spend time adoring Our Lord and make sacrifices for the salvation of souls. Offer your work to God as a prayer and seek to do His Will. Spread the love of Jesus to everyone you meet. Step out in faith and make the Gospel known.

The hour will come and each soul must be prepared for that hour. No one knows the date nor the hour, but I say to my children, the hour will come. This is why I am here to help my children relearn their ways. This is why I tell my children to turn to God now. I am truly here amongst you to lead you to Christ. I am truly here for those who want my assistance. Please make it known that I am your heavenly mother who truly cares about her children. Help me, help me now by truly living the Gospel.

My daughter, this message is for the world, so please make it known. Continue to say ‘yes’ and do all that you can for Jesus. This time is being allowed by God, so please be grateful and share these messages with those who come to this group that I have formed. Amen.