MESSAGE #2424 from the Blessed Mother December 30, 2002
 My daughter, Please continue to write and relay my words so more hearts open to the truth. Please do all that you can to save souls so more turn to God before it is too late. I am asking today, that all my children do their part so more come to know my Son, Jesus.

Dear children, conversion cannot happen unless you do your part, so please tell the world to begin now to pray the Rosary. Great destruction will happen to this world if man does not repent of their sins and turn to God. Without prayer and true devotion to Our Lord, many lives will be destroyed. Difficult times await those who refuse to repent and obey God.

Dear parents, gather your children and kneel before a crucifix. Pray together each new day and ask, ask for God’s guidance. Ask God to help you become a more prayerful family. Ask God to help you rescue those children who are walking alone. Ask and then pray, pray for one another. Prayer will truly strengthen you for times ahead. Prayer and a true devotion to Christ is what will build family unity. Lack of prayer will only cause much more turmoil in your home. The earth will tremble more if parents don’t begin now to live these messages.

Dear chosen Priests, wake up your flock, for all is not peaceful. Many homes are in turmoil because of lack of faith and family prayer. Many today are at war with each other because hearts, many hearts have become so cold. Please do your part or you will see much more destruction and bloodshed. Suicide is on the rise because of lack of family prayer. Satan is strong and without prayer, he will continue to attack. Please stress the importance of prayer and quality time before the Blessed Sacrament. Stress the importance of daily Mass, Confession and penance. Use your hands and voice and wake, wake your flock now.

I am warning all my children today because you each have a part to play. How can unity be restored if there is not peace in your homes? How can unity be restored if there is division in the Church? How can there be true love in your hearts if you do not take time to be with Jesus?

Today, I weep, weep for my children. I weep because so many are being fooled by the world. Many today have turned to their wealth for happiness. Please listen to my heavenly pleas and begin today to live them. Please join hands and work together and pray, pray, pray more. These times are urgent and you must be willing to do your part. My time to be with you will not last, so please be more grateful for this time. Be grateful for your Church and your Priests. Be grateful each time you can receive Jesus in the Eucharist.

Now, please believe in Almighty God. Believe, believe dear children, in the power of prayer. In time, there will be a great day of light, but for now you must be willing to help those in darkness. Pray, hope and be strong now so you continue to climb and move forward for Jesus. Amen