MESSAGE #2457 from the Blessed Mother March 24, 2003
 My daughter, Please listen and write each time I come to you. Please continue to write so these messages can be spread across this world. It is time now to write and share all that I am teaching you. Hearts will be touched, so please do what I am asking of you. Many are still sleeping and they need to come to know Our Dear Lord, Jesus.

The Fatima message must be spread so more repent and turn to God. Without a repentive heart, one cannot move closer to my Son, Jesus. All must repent and believe, believe in the Gospel. All must do penance for their sins and reform their ways. All must live the Gospel and be true servants for Our Lord.

Yes, each child must respond or there will not be peace in this darkened world. Without love in your hearts, you will see much more destruction. Unity must be restored and that will not happen until my children join hands and work together.

How I weep when I see so much bloodshed around this world. How I weep, for so many soldiers are not prepared. I weep, weep for my children because so many do not know God. So many are living in sin and they are not prepared to meet Almighty God. Many do not realize that this earth is only temporary.

Today is a day to pray. Today, when you gather, pray for peace and harmony across this world. Pray, pray from your hearts so conversion can happen before it’s too late. I will truly join you each time you pray, so please, please pray more.

Now, please keep your focus on God, for He is love and desires to give the world peace. Move forward now and imitate Jesus, for Jesus is the bridge to your Heavenly Father. Amen.