MESSAGE #2476 from the Blessed Mother May 12, 2003
 My daughter, Time is short and my children must wake up soon. They must obey, obey God’s commandments. They must turn away from sin and amend their ways now.

How I weep for the youth, for many today are falling further away from God. I weep for those parents who are not teaching their children the truth. I weep for those parents who are remaining silent when they see their children living morally wrong. Children today need to hear the truth, and they need to be reminded that they have a soul that needs to be cleansed and nourished.

Dear parents, do not remain silent when you see your children doing wrong. Let them know how many wounds they are adding to Jesus’ Most Precious Body. Let them know that you truly care for them and that you are concerned for their soul. Don’t give up on your children, teach them right from wrong. Pray everyday for your children so they turn to God and make the right choices on this earth.

Just as I repeat myself to each of you, you too must do the same. Be firm and strong in your faith and encourage your children to pray with you. Don’t ignore those children who are living in sin, for they truly, truly need your help. They need parents who are not afraid to make the Gospel known. They need parents who are truly living their faith so they can follow their example. A parent must never become tired of teaching their children. A parent must live their vocation to the fullest and they must speak and witness in love.

Dear parents, you will have to answer to God if you remain silent when you see your children doing wrong. It is time now to wake up and take hold of your family. It is time now to help me rescue those children who are not prepared to meet Almighty God. Each of you need to do your part, so please witness in love and take part now in healing Jesus’ wounds. Without your help, your children will only fall further away from God. This time to take hold of your family will not last, so please ask God to guide you so one day you can be together in Heaven for all eternity.

Be grateful now for this message, for it is truly a reminder for each of you. If you truly love Jesus, then imitate Him in all that you say and do. The days ahead will become more difficult for you if you don’t respond and take hold of your family. There is no longer time to be fearful, so please live your vocation and be the parents God intended you to be. Do not neglect prayer, turn to God and the answers will be given to each of you. God is on your side, so please seek His guidance and begin today and live your faith so evil can be destroyed.

Parents, please work together and offer yourselves to my Son in reparation for all the offenses made against Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart. Offer yourselves to my Son, and your hearts will be filled with love, truth and peace. Amen.