MESSAGE #2515 from the Blessed Mother August 13, 2003
 My daughter, The evil one is sly and he truly wants to confuse my children. Those who are not strong in their faith will fall, fall for his lies. Those who do not pray or obey God’s commandments will be entangled by the serpents tail. The enemy is strong and he will truly devour those who are giving in to worldly ways. I am warning my children today because so much evil lingers in this world. So much evil is corrupting much of the world because so many today are not listening to God.

Many, many children are living a lifestyle that is truly, truly offending God. Many are choosing the wrong path because of their refusal to obey all of God’s commandments. Oh, how I weep when I see so many today living together before marriage. I weep because so many are refusing to live a chaste life. I weep because many today are not prepared to see their soul. Many are living in mortal sin and are worshipping false gods. Greed and selfishness is why so many children are turning their back on God. Laziness and unwillingness to learn the truth is why so many children are living in sin.

Parents, I must be firm with you, for I see too many giving in to their children. I see so many parents unwilling to teach their children the truth. This is due to fear of how their children will react. Dear parents, you are endangering their soul by remaining silent. You are offending God if you are supporting those children who are living in sin. Children will never learn, if you are supporting them in any way. Sin is sin and you must not compromise when you see your children living in mortal sin.

It is time now to stop giving to those children who are living together before marriage. The only way to help these children is through prayer and willingness to speak the truth. The only way to help these children is to stop giving them more wealth and to start praying, praying for their soul. In time, you will each have to answer to God, so please, dear parents, do not give in to your children. Set rules and abide by them. Set rules and wake your children before it’s too late. This time is being allowed to take hold of your family, so please respond and do not compromise to the ways of the world.

Turn to God and ask, ask for His guidance. Turn to God and obey Him and you will have peace through all trials and storms. God desires to protect you during this time of tribulation. God wants the best for each of you, but there are rules to follow. If you refuse to listen, then you are only making it harder on yourselves. Please listen and do not accept evil. Please listen and respond, for time is running out. This world will be severely punished because sin has become widespread.

Now, please live the Word of God and remain faithful to it. Take time to be with Jesus so you have the Grace needed to make the right decisions. Imitate Christ and He will truly fill you with peace. Now, please get moving, for this is the time to rescue those who are living in darkness. Be loving and do your part to save souls. A response is needed, so please take heed, obey God and do not compromise with the world. Amen.