MESSAGE #2674 from the Blessed Mother September 14, 2004
 My daughter, I am truly pleased when my children gather and pray. Much prayer is needed all around this world, so continue to join hands and pray, pray for world peace. Pray that more will turn to God so that only love dwells in their hearts.

My dear children, the day is near, so please, please pray more. This world is in danger, as many terrorists roam this earth. Many soldiers are unprepared, so please pray that they will turn to God before it’s too late. Pray that more will repent, for many do not have peace in their hearts. Darkness blinds them from the truth and what many do not realize is that many have taken their own life. Many are listening to Satan because they do not know the love of Jesus Christ. Soldiers need your prayers, so pray, pray throughout the day for them. Pray that more will take refuge in Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart.

My daughter, today I ask that you pray with me, for how I weep when I see what is taking place behind closed doors. I weep, weep for my children because many are choosing darkness and this darkness has led to war. Your prayers are truly needed, so be silent today and pray, pray with me. Pray and offer your suffering so more convert before it’s too late. Amen.