MESSAGE #2748 from the Blessed Mother March 16, 2005
 My daughter, All must come to know the truth. Hearts must open in order for darkness to be removed.

Today, I am here to wake my children so more repent before it’s too late. I am pleading with all my children because so many are ignoring Heaven’s call. So many are rejecting God by the lifestyle they are living. Evil has spread like fire in every corner of this earth. Oh, how I weep for those children who are choosing to live in sin. I weep because many know in their hearts that they are doing wrong.

Laziness and unwillingness to change one’s lifestyle is why evil has become widespread. Each of you must do your part in order for change to occur in your lives. If you are disobeying God’s Commandments, then repent now. Examine your conscience and then cleanse your soul. Come back to the Sacraments if you have fallen away and repent, repent of all wrong doing. Repent and turn to God so that you can be guided on this earth. The serpent’s tail is long and if you continue to deny sin, he will truly smother you.

Please, dear children, remove the darkness that you have allowed to rule your lives. Remove the darkness so that my Son can live in your hearts. Open your hearts and accept, accept God’s love. Open your hearts and stay close, close to Jesus. Stay close to the merciful heart of my Son and trust, trust in His love and mercy. Amen.