MESSAGE #2773 from the Blessed Mother May 4, 2005
 My daughter, I am here to prepare my children, for I am your heavenly mother. I am here today to let the world know that your time for repentance is growing shorter. All must take heed to the Gospel if they truly want to grow in holiness.

The time is drawing near and you must prepare now. You must let go of your busy schedule and make more time to be with God. How can you be taught if you do not take time to listen?

Please begin today to live these messages. Get down on your knees and ask God to help you live them. Be willing to let go of all that is preventing you from moving closer to Our Lord. Be more willing to do what God and I are asking of you. Change cannot happen if you are refusing to amend your ways. Repent and return to God or you will suffer in days to come. Your hearts will become heavier if you keep giving in to the world. You will feel much pain and sorrow if you keep giving in to the evil one.

I am truly trying to wake you before it’s too late. Severe storms will come because the earth is trembling now. Many will wail and lament because they did not prepare their soul. How I weep and weep for those who are abusing this time to come to know Jesus. I weep for those who are telling others to ignore these heavenly pleas.

These messages are the Gospel and you must obey God. You must let go of pride and open your eyes as to the condition of this world. Sin has darkened many souls. Sin has become wide spread. Please open your hearts and you will come to know the full truth. Open your hearts and you will come to understand my visits on this earth. I have but little time to teach you how to grow in holiness.

Without a strong faith, you will not be able to persevere in times to come. You will need God’s strength to say no to the beast. You will need to rely totally on God for everything. You will have many crosses to bear, but with God’s assistance, you will be able to endure all trials and persecution.

I say to each of you, do not reject my true messengers, for they are truly assisting me to wake mankind. Do not reject the Gospel, for I say to you, it is truly, truly unfolding now. All must awake and build their relationship with Jesus now. All must obey God’s Commandments and turn their lives around. All will come to fulfillment, so respond, respond, respond now. Amen.