MESSAGE #2787 from the Blessed Mother June 8, 2005
 My daughter, I have given many messages around the world because so many are choosing to live in darkness. The sinfulness of many people truly, truly offends God. So many children are on the wrong path and they are falling deeper, deeper into sin. God has allowed much time for His children to repent, yet many continue to ignore His call. All must wake up now. People must change and turn their lives around. All must center their lives on God and live, live a holy life. They must return to the Sacraments if they truly want to stay strong for Jesus.

Please, dear children, atone for your sins and obey Almighty God. Do all that you can to deepen your relationship with Jesus. Pray the Rosary every day and spread my messages of love to the entire world. Respond, so more see the importance of living these messages. All my children must do their part for the salvation of souls. Sacrifice and penance are needed for the conversion and salvation of sinners.

Oh, how I weep when I see so many sleepy children. I weep for those souls who are ignoring Heaven’s call. I weep for those children who are refusing to prepare their soul. I weep for those Priests who are not living their vocation. Satan will truly devour those children who do not pray or obey God. These are evil times of battle and you must stay close to God. You must put your armor on each new day. You must not give in to the world, for this is all part of Satan’s plan to lure you away from God. Satan truly wants to destroy the world.

Now, please listen to your Heavenly Mother and do the opposite of what Satan is telling you. I plead with you, pray more, for the day is drawing near. Stop offending God and repent of your sins. Cleanse your soul regularly so you have the grace needed to say “No,” to the evil one. Return to the Sacraments so you can be a living example to all your brothers and sisters. Unite yourselves more in prayer, and love, love one another. This is my message for the world.

Please, dear children, respond today and begin to live all that I am teaching you. Amen.