MESSAGE #2842 from the Blessed Mother December 12, 2005
 My daughter, I love all my children in a very special way. I am here teaching my children because of God’s love for each of you. I have come to many children so they in turn teach others the truth. These are special times, but my children must be more grateful. They must live all that I am teaching them so they grow, grow in holiness.

Conversion is still needed today because so many are sleeping. Many are disobeying God’s laws and they think they have the right to choose who should live and who should die. Sin has become widespread because many, many are not obeying God’s Commandments. Many innocent lives are being destroyed all around the world. How I weep when I see so much violence and bloodshed. I weep, weep for my children because so many are on the wrong path. I weep because sin has become widespread. The path to hell has become wider because so much is being allowed in the world.

Please wake up and obey God. Respect life and do all that you can to stop abortion. Be pure, humble parents and teach your children right from wrong. Be loving and obey God by truly living each Commandment. Do not give in to the world. Keep your focus on Christ. Please let go of fear and take a stand for life. Be strong, strong soldiers and live your faith. Do penance for your sins and cleanse your soul regularly. Pray unceasingly and believe that prayer changes hearts. Believe and pray to the Holy Spirit, for it is through prayer that conversion will happen.

Now, please take heed to my messages and let them penetrate your hearts. Take heed, love one another and live each day for my Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.