MESSAGE #2923 from the Blessed Mother October 3, 2006
 My daughter, I have been warning my children for some time now to protect their children with prayer, for the world is no longer safe. Many innocent lives are being destroyed because so many adults do not believe that God exists. Many parents today are not living their vocation, they are behaving like young children.

America will suffer if man continues to disobey God’s laws. So much is being hidden from you, but what I say to my children is, no one can hide from God. God sees all things and each of you will have to answer to Almighty God. How I weep each time another innocent life is destroyed. I weep because so many are giving in to Satan’s lies. I weep for my Priests because they are not making the truth known.

I say to my Priests, wake up your flock and teach them right from wrong. So many today are living in sin and they need to know that hell exists. Humanity is not accepting my heavenly pleas to return to God. Each of you must do your part for the salvation of souls. Each of you must heal Jesus’ wounds that are bleeding profusely. My heart is bleeding because sin has become widespread. Sin is being committed more and more because so many are not living pure and holy lives.

America, wake up! Get down on your knees and return to God. Repent or you will see darker days. Open your hearts, take heed to the Gospel and please, please obey all of God’s laws. Now, please find your Rosaries and bind each prayer around the world. Obedience, prayer and penance must begin today. Amen.