MESSAGE #3049 from the Blessed Mother January 14, 2008
 My daughter, Please climb no matter how difficult the road becomes. Keep moving forward so more come to know Jesus. This time is moving quickly and many are still sleeping.

Many families do not pray together and they are running in the wrong direction. How I weep when my children are choosing hell. I weep each time another soul is lost. I weep for those who deny God, for they are truly walking alone. Without more prayer, many more souls will see the fire of hell.

Dear children, please decide today to take the path that will lead you to Heaven. Examine your conscience and then repent. Repent of your ways and do penance for your sins. Turn to God before it’s too late. Ask, ask for His assistance and My Son will truly nurture you.

Now, please imitate My Son and be open to His loving guidance. Seek to follow My Son no matter how difficult it may seem. Trust in God’s mercy and believe that God and I will assist you. Trust and move forward and be confident in God’s unending mercy and love. Amen.
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